Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Error & A Rantlet

I'm so ashamed. I've suffered from a vocabulary failure. I'm not sure I can hold my head up any longer. A sabretache is a type of pouch or wallet or bag, often very ornate, that hangs from a hussar or cavalry officers' belt, not a part of a scabbard.

And now, a rantlet:

I expect that summertime weekend-long SCA events that include camping usually mean the merchant space is outside, and we must fend for ourselves, but would it be so difficult to say so on a website?

Here, I'll even write the verbiage to make it easy:
"Merchants will be located outdoors, and must provide their own shelter, tables, etc."

1 comment:

  1. I was talking to the guy about the farmers market in calumet. I said "Are we indoors and do your provide tables and chairs?"
    He sounded like I was nuts "Of course we're indoors, we're in the Copper Country. And why wouldn't we give you a table and some chairs?"

    I told him "most places don't." :)