Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bonus Not-Quite Weekend Day

Yesterday I had a couple awkwardly-timed medical appointments, and Ron has an Upper Respiratory Thing, so we both stayed home.

We weren't quite satisfied with how I put dee rings on the back of the sporran prototype (at the top of the belt loops), so I put another one I'd cut out together with dees sticking out toward the sides, next to the belt loops. It was more complex to do, but it came out better.

After showing it to Ron I commented that I should cut out a couple brown sporrans. Ron suggested a trip to the Tandy/Leather Factory store to root through the bin of large scrap pieces for leather for brown sporrans. I observed that we're also low on brass buckles and dees for satchels, so off we went.

There was more of the pretty copper-colored leather in the bin. Lots of it. I think I got all the big pieces, all 18 pounds worth. Ron counted up when we got home, it was 11 pieces, about half to a third, lengthwise, of a side (half a cow, split down the spine) each. Out of maybe half of one of them I got the pieces for two sporrans. Yeah, definitely Stupid Amounts of copper-colored leather.

Around my appointments I got the belt loop/dee assemblies made for three more sporrans, and decided to do similar loops/dees for three of the black belt satchels. I haven't gotten them sewn to the pouches, but I did hem a bunch of pocket pieces.

We also made a sporran hanger, essentially a narrow belt with a swivel snap on each end, for one of Ron's co-workers. Ron took the two black sporrans and the two copper-colored belt satchels I'd finished for his co-worker to decide between. He also took business cards, as the co-worker and other leaders for a Boy Scout troop had all gotten kilts for an Scouting event next weekend, and we'd be happy to sell the other leaders sporrans, too.

Still waiting for my dies, to make tabs for the smaller soft pouches. Friday was two weeks since I placed the order, so I called the die maker yesterday, and am hoping for them by the end of the week.

I'm trying to figure out what I want for hardware storage. Right now most of the hardware (buckles, dees, latches, rivets, grommets, blah blah blah) live in a set of divided plastic trays/boxes. That's working out ok for some things, but for stuff I use regularly, and larger hardware (some of which also lives in the big green tool chest/road case), it isn't working out so well. I have most of the tools in a couple sets of tool chest drawers, on the big bookshelves in the dining room. I'm thinking maybe something similar for hardware, but where would I put that?

I could try using up leather, which could create space in a couple places, but I haven't been succeeding on that idea. Ron suggested pulling more books off the shelf  and either packing them away or donating more to the library (we had a big purge a couple years ago), which may also be an option.

I'm also wondering if I could add wheels to a tool chest "side cabinet" something like this one, or find a small tool chest without too many deep drawers, and park it where I've currently got smaller hardware bins stacked up higgledy-piggledy. I should measure the area where stuff is piled and see how that compares to tool cabinets.

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