Wednesday, March 21, 2012

State of Not Much

Hmm. Looks like last time I posted was Friday afternoon.

As noted last time, Ron had planned surgery Friday to take out a chunk of colon. He was released from the hospital yesterday, more posts about that on my personal blog, linky over in the left-hand sidebar column.

Ron being in the hospital, even though it was for an expected length of time and nothing went badly, does not make for sanity on my part.

Beer Gut

I perused a NZ governmental web site that implied there may be paperwork necessary to get leather into NZ. I've queried via a web form, still waiting for a response.

Other Pouches

I did finish two hard pouches with hanging belt loops ala the pockets. Ron knows I want pictures so I can get them up for sale on-line, but he's moving slowly at the moment. Worked on the black Lace Mania purse, mostly done.

Other Things

Thursday of last week I got a message from an Etsy customer asking a question, that resulted in a sale. Ron and I dropped off that package at FedEx on the way to the hospital on Friday morning.

Monday I got another Etsy sale. Happily (because I was melting down for various reasons yesterday morning), the pouch was right on top in the big yellow road case, so I didn't have to do any digging. I did wonder for a few seconds if I was going to get the lid of the big yellow thing open, but it just wanted some authority applied.

Fundage achieved for the new trailer achieved (aka: tax return received)! Last week Wednesday the old trailer went north to the Scout troop we donated it to, and it is reported that renovation work commenced that evening (ripping out the old plywood flooring). Happiness all around. 3-4 week delivery estimate on the new trailer, which I ordered on the 5th, so probably some time next week.

Still pooped from Ron being in the hospital. Hopefully that will abate soon and I'll get back to getting things done.

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