Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing: Rocket Pockets!

Here it is, our first Rocket Pocket!

The front piece of the pocket is a 5"x5" square, with the lower corners rounded off - the smaller pocket from the vertical-stack pockets. Ron finished the sewing last week, but I was waiting for the order from Fire Mountain to get the rings for the chainmail to attach the rocket pegging the flap shut to the pouch.

The black chainmail rings are rubber, so the chain will have a little bit of give if it gets caught on something. The gold-colored rings are anodized aluminum. I ordered a bunch of red anodized aluminum rings, but they're actually a color somewhere between magenta and hot pink. Not good with the dark red rockets.

It kind of hides, but there's a second large rocket on the side away from the camera.

All the "rockets" are actually snap-caps, aluminum training/dummy rounds. They're pricey, I charge $15 each for the big ones, and $7.50 for the small ones. I still have to crunch the numbers to determine what we'll be charging for a small pocket without rockets, and then I need to make a decision yet on how much to charge for the small "rocket"+chainmail combination. I also need to look into finding cheaper dummy rounds, these are designed so that you can safely dry-fire a weapon with them loaded, which I don't need for pouches.

The chainmail was slow going at first, but I got better as I remembered what I was doing. I last messed around with chainmail when Robin was little, with copper rings about this size. I hadn't used the rubber rings before, but I've seen the jewelry a friend makes with them. The chainmail bug tried to bite me again almost two years ago, at MuseCon Zero, but I successfully resisted until now, when we have an application for it.

I think I neeeed more rings. Especially some smaller ones, for some of the patterns (I have a problem calling them "weaves" for some reason) that use a combination of ring sizes. Must resist, must resist!

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