Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grumphle, and Also Less Curmudgeonly

After some difficulties getting a response from the trailer dealer I have an update on the trailer: Finished, scheduled for delivery to them, they're expecting it early next week.

Which means, realistically, another week of dealing with the table, gridwall, etc. in the dining room. Insert frustrated noise here.

That means the plans for next weekend are:
  • Saturday: apply one or two coats (depending on weather) of white paint to the interior of the new trailer.
  • Sunday:
    • install rails
    • get stuff out of dining room
    • happy-dance.

(Feeling smug about getting the html right for the nested lists on the first try)

On a happier note, I got my order of hardware and leather in, as well as a couple small spools of lace I ordered from a potential new supplier. The hardware is about as expected, although we did not fully comprehend the clearly-stated size of one item. Oopsie. I didn't get as far as unwrapping the leather last night, Marmaduke and Robin had kind of taken over the living room with gaming.

I'll have to actually try the lace to see if I like it, there are some physical differences from the lace I've been buying. One of the two kinds I got to try is also more expensive, although I haven't done enough number-crunching to see if it would mean I have to raise my prices on pouches that use it.

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