Monday, March 26, 2012

Back on Track

Ron's still recovering, not up to doing much yet. I'm still getting caught up on sleep, but not too bad. Good enough, in fact, to get back to work on things.

I finished up lacing the round laced purse Friday or Saturday, it just needs the shoulder strap.

Saturday I cut out a bunch of little square-ish soft pouches (and a couple slightly larger soft pouches) in various colors: dark blue, pale aqua, olive green, orange, and dark purple. Some will have black flaps or fronts, some are all colored. I also worked on some brown pockets I'd cut the basic pieces out for previously.

Sunday I worked on the pouches some more. I got a half-dozen of the little square-ish ones ready to lace, laced the fronts and backs of the two-piece ones together, and attached at least one end of all the belt loops. I also did work on some pockets and other soft pouches. I've got a couple to the point where they need machine sewing, which I'm kind of leaving to Ron. I accomplished quite a bit, overall.

Sunday morning I realized that I was having a workbench height problem. My new rolly/spinny office chair (so the older and taller one could stay at the sewing machine) is, I think, a bit shorter than the older chair. The Workmate I use as a workbench has two height settings. The lower height is great for using my ASO (anvil-shaped object), but too low for cutting at comfortably. The higher setting is good for cutting, etc., but puts the top of the ASO uncomfortably high. Changing the height of the Workmate by folding the leg extensions in or out isn't difficult, but it isn't something you can do on the fly.

The Workmate I use is the 225 model, here's a picture, etc.:

Think think, think think think...

We have Workmate-clone in the basement that is also adjustable in height. Summon Workmate-clone via the Strong Young Man of the house. Sensibly, I only have him bring it as far as the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the lowest height setting on the clone is the same as the tall height of the Workmate.

I decide that's ok. I'll put the clone in front of the window, where my Workmate was, for cutting and whatnot and put the "real" Workmate to the side, at the lower setting, to hold my ASO.

Ron reminded me that we own two of the real Workmates, and asked why I didn't just use it instead of the clone (which you can angle the top surface on). For part of the answer, look at the picture linked to above - the footrest. I sit on the non-footrest side, the footrest is just in the way. The clone doesn't have that.

In addition, the clone has a larger top surface. On the Workmates we put a piece of 2x10 or so in the jaws and get about the some area. The two-by sits on the rails beneath the top surface, and is just a smidge taller than the top surface. If I had a (powered) planer I'd take a bit off the two-by. It isn't a big deal, but it's there. So the clone actually has a smoother top surface.

The new arrangement seems to be working, and I don't think I made the clutter of the room much worse.

Which brings me to a whine. I want the new trailer. Specifically, I want the tables and gridwall OUT of the dining room!

Patience. Soon. I ordered the trailer 3 weeks ago today. Soon...

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