Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Things

Beer Gut

I was hoping to finish lacing the Beer Gut together last night, but I was distracted by providing moral support for work on the trailer. Still have one side left to go, which is less than halfway around. The only other thing left to do is the shoulder strap. Since my deadline is Friday, I don't forsee a problem finishing. (Last night I laced over halfway around it, plus braiding on the antler peg and putting the turk's-head knot around the top of the antler).

Trailer and Contents

Last night Robin finished emptying out the big trailer, Ron took a 10'x20' garage tent that had been living in it back to the owners, and we sorted through our stuff that was left.

Mice had nested. Eeeewwwwwwww. Fortunately, they'd only damaged a couple canvas bags and two end walls for our garage tents. A few years ago there was an incident with high wind that destroyed some of our frame parts, which left us with enough for only one, but plastic canvas for two, so losing two end walls to the mice wasn't a big deal. Some of the metal parts do need to be cleaned of mousy metabolic end products, but a hose and Simple Green should deal with that.

I'm actually waffling about keeping or getting rid of the garage tent, as we also have three 10'x10' Easy-Ups, and are unlikely to do camping events again (unless we get a really expensive trailer we can sleep in and sell out of. Once we win the lottery.). But I don't have to decide right now.

This morning the trailer went with Ron to his office, from whence it will proceed to its new home with a Scout troop. Yes, they were made aware of all deficiencies. Last night I gave Ron the suggestion to relay that if they don't plan to replace the flooring plywood they at least replace the tarp we had stapled to the (filthy) floor - the tarp is probably decorated mouse metabolic end products at this point.

Cleaning out the trailer turned out to be a bigger job than I expected. I told Robin to call Games Plus and ask them to put some things aside, I'll pick them up on the way home from Rosemont tomorrow (floodplain manager's conference, zzzz).

About That Conference

I learned years ago at a meeting that my supervisors don't grok that knitting does not affect my ability to listen, and I'm sure that applies to lacing pouches (which is also not as quiet as knitting). Which makes me crazy, as some of the presentations are booooring. So I doodle and scribble and doodle some more. Sometimes I even come up with viable ideas. I think I had one yesterday - nothing really special, more a new size of the hanging pockets. We'll see what I come up with today and tomorrow.

I suppose I should quit avoiding it, and head out. Some of today's sessions look reasonably good, but first is this morning's hour and a half plenary session: two political wonks. Sob...

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