Monday, December 1, 2014

Lots of Nattery Things

My Ringlord order, which was delayed in Buffalo, NY by the anger of the snow gods, did indeed arrive last week. Ron almost immediately started playing with the scales. I got red, black, and brass-colored scales, so hopefully soon we'll have pouches decorated with scale mail.

Photo Gallery: 
While the Tree of Damocles was being removed on Tuesday, I uploaded and processed the photos from my phone and Ron's phone and tablet. I also tweaked the galleries, and added descriptions for the galleries. 

When I finished that, I went through some of the photos on the desktop's Otter Necessities directory, and found a bunch of pictures to add to the gallery. After weeding out the ones that are already on the website, I uploaded them to the gallery, and am working on adding words.  That batch includes a bunch of hanging pouches, wrist-rocket bracers, and belts, which was good.

Ron saw the orthopedic specialist for his wrist Wednesday morning, who diagnosed the problem as a bone chip floating around. The chip may be a result of the altercation with the wall, or it could pre-date it, impossible to tell. The doctor said that if Ron's wrist is improving (it is) and doesn't hurt (too much), don't worry about it, and doesn't require a splint. 

Ron's knee seems to be better.

My wrist was sore Monday evening, as reported, but was much better by Tuesday morning.

So, barring more crashing about, our Boar's Head plans are unaffected.

General Nattering:
Went to the local Tandy/Leather Factory store Friday morning, largely to get out of the house; but we did take advantage of some Black Friday sale pricing.

Friday through Sunday I meant to cut out some new bags from patterns I've bought, but never quite got that far. On Friday I was figuring out the patterns, and having them re-printed in color.  Saturday I picked up prints, filling out an event application (more below), picking up some needed lumber, and some other hardware I didn't actually need.  I did get some cut-out pouches ready to lace, though.  Yesterday I just didn't have the gumption to cut new stuff out. But I did work on lacing some other pouches.

We are listed as merchants for Boar's Head, which is Saturday. 

Since Kitsune Kon (anime con, Green Bay, 20 March) has failed to respond to me in any way, we decided to try the Geneva Steam Convention (steampunk, Lake Geneva, 6 March) instead.  The vendors are juried, so they wanted pictures of setup and merchandise, and a list of merchandise with prices.  I didn't see anything saying I could just point them to on-line pictures, so I got a half-dozen pictures from ACen printed in color, and put a note on the paperwork to see the website for more pictures.

The merchandise list was more annoying. We sell a *lot* of different stuff, at a lot of price points.  I went through the point of sale inventory and generated a list of a bunch of categories (ie: belts, pouches, shoulder bags & purses, potion bottles & vials, etc.) with price ranges. On that I included a note that those are price ranges as of now, but I could make new stuff outside the price ranges listed. 

We'll see how it goes.  

Con-Alt-Delete is the weekend before Christmas, in Rosemont. Probably should start checking soon to see if there's more detailed setup information. IIRC we're in a hotel ballroom this time, not the Convention Center.  

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