Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Crash, Boom, Bam

At Maneki Neko Con we discovered that Windycon was working on disposing of excess gridwall. We thought it was 8' tall. Turns out that it's only 7' tall, which is good, because 7' fits in the trailer (8' might, but would be more tricky). So at Windycon, a week and a bit ago, we purchased a dozen pieces. 

(No, I'm not sure exactly how we're going to utilize another dozen panels, but I'm sure we'll manage). 

On the Monday after Windycon, the gridwall was unloaded from Robin's truck into the front entry, since Ron hadn't gotten the Round Tuit to modifying the interior of the trailer.  On Sunday that happened. While Robin was off procuring some two-by-sixes, Ron was shifting the gridwall from the front entry to the kitchen, then from the kitchen out to the porch.

I heard a yell, and a crash. I decided that sounded like a problem that should be investigated. Pippin got off the couch and followed me, because I was heading for the kitchen.  As we got to the door, which was open with a couple panels of gridwall laying in it, I realized there were Ron feet under said gridwall, and he was laying on his back on the porch. Coincidentally, I was telling Pippin he was a lousy Lassie. 

Ron had tripped going out the door. He hobbled around the rest of the day on a very sore knee. And sore back, and neck, and jaw, and wrist (he didn't hit his head on the porch, but his neck demanded the privilege of telling him how/why).  He didn't think of icing his knee until evening. D'oh! - on me, too. 

Yesterday he went to the doctor. She had his knee X-rayed, no sign of damage to bone, all soft tissue. She also had his right wrist X-rayed, because its still sore after an altercation with a wall 2+ weeks ago at Teslacon.  There is sign of fracture there, he goes to an orthopedic specialist tomorrow.

Depending on what type of cast/splint/whatnot he may end up with may affect our going to Boar's Head, in a week and a half.

And then last night I slipped and fell coming in. Fortunately, I mostly sat down in an uncontrolled way, so most of the impact came on my backside. Unfortunately, I also came down on my left hand, so I had a sore wrist last night. It seems better today, though. 

This morning I told Robin he's not allowed to fall and hurt himself.

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