Friday, December 19, 2014

Owls! Ron Made Them! You Want Them!

If you have Ron as a Facebook Friend you've (probably) seen the chainmail owls he's been making this week:  

There's been a lot of squee. People want their own.  Who are we to argue?  Ron will make owls for sale, and this is the place to pre-order them (since I don't have a Zen Cart store set up on the website, yet, and why give Etsy a cut?) 

The Interesting Details:

Large Owls are about 1-1/2" tall, Small Owlets are about 1" tall.  

The large owls in the picture are in "Turkey" colors - bronze, orange, and gold rings, with bronze wing scales. The small owlet is black and bronze, with black wing scales.

"Turkey" - bronze, orange, and gold, with bronze wings
Black and bronze, wings may be either black or bronze 
Some permutation of black and silver (or gunmetal), white or black wings to be determined.
Other colors - rings and scales are available in a lot of different colors, *but* there are minimum packaging sizes, so if you want a custom color combination, you need to commit to at least one large owl or a pair of small owlets. 

(yes, they are all leaning to the right. Or maybe dancing.)

Large Owls: $20
Small Owlets: $10
Pendant bail (silver) can be added to the back of the head for no charge.  If the bails are too big for the small owlets, we'll put a ring on instead.

Large Owl necklace: $25
Small Owlet necklace: $15
Necklaces will be strung on a coordinating anodized aluminum chain.

Pair of small owlet earrings: $25
Owlet earrings on titanium french wires. We can also get niobium or nickel-free stainless steel wires.

So how do I get one?

Leave a comment or e-mail me at otter at otter necessities dot com, telling us what you want - size, color, and add-ons like pendant bails/rings, necklace, earrings, etc. Please include your e-mail address if there's any question that one of us (Lon, Ron, Xap) doesn't already have it.

On December 26th I'll order the parts. Giving shipping and assembly time, I'm not going to try to estimate the time delay until completion.   If you (collectively or individually) want a lot of owls, I might be able to order before the 26th. I may also have to ask for deposits.  I may also ask for a deposit if we don't know you personally, or if you want an odd color combination. 

Can't order right now? That's ok, I expect we'll have finished owls up on the website and/or Etsy sooner or later. This is your chance to jump in at the front end, not a now-or-never. 

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