Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Changes in Plans

The plan for last (as in a few days ago) weekend was to work on things for Con-Alt-Delete, which is this coming weekend.

Did not go quite according to plans.  Saturday morning we went to get our nails done, which ended up taking up stoooopid amounts of time, for reasons. We got done just in time for Ron to drop me off at home, grab a couple things, and head off to the Capricon meeting.  I went out and got lunch, and went to Hobby Lobby for . . . something. Oh, I remember now, sharp small scissors to leave by the big sewing machine. I didn't find what I wanted in the sewing section, but I did in the scrapbooking section.

I did get some work done on satchels, belt satchels, and little tabbed pouches, and finished several. Unfortunately the splitter was demanding attention, so splitting down more binding was a problem. Also splitting down leather for gussets for the pouches I'd cut out the weekend before, or strips for the new amphora bottles that came in (clear and more dark amber). So I ran out of steam by about the time Ron got home.

The plan was that Ron would pay attention to the splitter (hone the blade, adjust thickness settings, lubricate) on Sunday morning, while I worked on other things, and then I could work on things requiring the splitter. Unfortunately, remote access to his office network broke (again - seems that Windows causes problems, and the fix is to re-install, feh). So he had to go in.

While Ron was at work I got strips cut and marked for skirt hikes, got dinner started in the crock pot, cut strips  for amphora hangers, made scotch eggs for lunch, and was working on putting the binding on some more pouches when I broke a sewing machine needle. Breaking a needle on the big machine is . . . exciting. Usually it results in whoever else is in the house asking if everything/everyone is ok (nobody's ever been hurt, only surprised).  At that point I quit.

And then I had an meltdown, for reasons. One side effect of which was an evil horrible sinus headache.

Ron got home, and stuck me back together, and we had the scotch eggs that I'd left in the toaster oven (which I knew would shut itself off). We goofed off for a little while, and went to Durty Nellie's for dinner and a jazz concert - Jazz Consortium Big Band, with a HS jazz ensemble as an opening act. 

Monday Robin punched holes in the skirt hike strips for me. That was about the end of useful work getting done. 

Ron had felt a little iffy on Saturday, and was definitely sick on Sunday. I started feeling sick on Monday, and in the afternoon melted down again, for other reasons. See above for evil horrible sinus headache side effect. And Robin was also getting sick.

Monday night we discussed Con-Alt-Delete, and figured we should probably just cancel, as it was unlikely that we'd be healthy by Thursday night setup.  Unfortunately, there are no refunds after 65 days before the convention, no appeal (not-huge cons often refund if they can fill from a wait-list; and I don't think of C-A-D as being in the "huge" category).  But I dithered around a little more, and debated waiting until Thursday morning.

Tuesday morning I e-mailed and cancelled. Which was the most productive thing I did for a number of hours.  We all stayed home. The family symptom list is cough, congestion, runny noses, sinus pressure, all the way up to an evil horrible sinus headache pretty much any time yesterday that I wasn't sleeping, which may be part of the reason the meltdown Sunday and Monday also resulted in similar headaches.  I was also very very queasy on and off yesterday. 

Last night I came back to the living room from starting dinner (avgolemono soup) to find a Robin-shaped corpse-like thing passed out on the couch.  I couldn't complain since napping had featured prominently in my afternoon. I got the garbage and recyclables together, Robin took them out to the wheelie bins, and Ron took the wheelie bins out to the curb. Other than that, the disaster area that was the kitchen had to fend for itself. 

Woke up today feeling less bad. The evil horrible headache has pretty much abated to a sinus headache on and off.  Robin was not sounding good, so I kinda invoked the Mom Voice to suggest that working tonight making pizzas at Little Caesar's was not a good idea.  He didn't really argue, I think he just needed a nudge from one of us. 

Robin was probably going to be ok not going to work today, but any longer he was going to need a doctor's note, which would probably be a good thing for me too, so this morning we made a trip to the Acute Care Center a family outing (our doctor's office was full up, Acute Care is part of the same facility, so it was really just seeing a different doctor who had all our records).

I was thinking we had colds and not flu, because we didn't have the muscle aches and not much in the way of sore throats, but I know there's a flu strain going around that the flu shots (which we all got) this year didn't cover. So the surprise from the flu culture/tests was that Robin and I do have flu, and Ron does not. WTF?  We figured he gave it to Robin and I.

We all were sent home with notes from the doctor, and prescriptions for oral cough meds and Tamiflu. Robin and I take the Tamiflu twice a day for IIRC 5 days, Ron takes 1 dose for twice as long, to try to head off the flu. 

We went north for Robin to drop his note off at his Little Caesar's store, and got lunch from the little Indian place in the same shopping center.  

Did a second pass of dishes, finishing them off. Took a bath, and have been trying to stay awake until its time to start dinner, which I could probably do soonish (ate lunch late - we were at Acute Care from 10 until almost 1). 

Ron's been somewhat productive, making chainmail owls. Robin's gotten some painting done. Yesterday my head wasn't really conductive to doing anything but listening to "The Lord of the Rings" audiobook, and making dinner and dealing with garbage through sheer stubborness. Today I . . . did dishes. And looked at chainmail books, and am blogging. If I'd been home I probably would have managed some knitting or something equally low-energy. 

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