Friday, November 21, 2014

Shipping Update

DHL package arrived late yesterday afternoon. I have fine dark brown hand-sewing thread, and pretty brass buckles and other hardware to play with.

UPS tracking has finally been updated, in such a way that it appears that the package went back from Indiana to Buffalo, NY, and at a little after 3 am got to East Syracuse, NY.  I am very cautiously optimistic that maybe the supposed movement to E. Syracuse might have actually taken place as shown. Note abundance of weasel-words.  I'm not cranky that the package got stuck by the snowstorms, that's unavoidable. I'm cranky about how UPS dealt with it, tracking-wise.

Meanwhile, FedEx simply puts a banner on their tracking pages that severe weather may be affecting deliveries in certain parts of the country, check linked web pages for more information. IIRC when I had a package affected by a storm last year, FedEx's tracking was reasonably useful at reflecting where it actually was.

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