Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Catching Up Natter

Haven't done a lot Otter-ish, as I've been sewing for Teslacon. 

Picked up some belt ammunition bags and a larger Swiss ammunition bag at Teslacon, to use as models/patterns. Also have figured out a way, I think, to make floating loops for a Sam Browne belt. 

For Teslacon I made a new shoulder strap for my leather briefcase. It came out rather nice, I think.  

Saw some nice leather things in the Teslacon Dealers' Rooms (there were two), and some craptastic. Thinking about making a longer, narrower version of sporran hangers, possibly with a buckle for length adjustment. Also thinking about sectional belt possibilities.  

Last night I placed a rather large order from Abbey Saddlery, in England. I got some lightweight thread for hand-sewing, and some nice hardware, mostly brass. I drooled over a set of sticks for blocking loops (like the keeper loops on belts), but resisted. For now. The joys of the internet and international e-commerce.  

Also have a batch of tails on order, from a domestic supplier, including some red fox tails from Australia, which look rather nice. 

I've started working on the purchases side of the books for this year. I've let it go rather badly. Yesterday (vacation day) I ferreted out all the hard copies of receipts I had, scanned the thermal cash register receipts and printed copies that won't fade (as badly), and cleaned up my Otter Necessities e-mail boxes. Today (state holiday) I cleaned up my pensonal e-mail inbox, so I could make sure anything that should have gotten forwarded to my Otter Necessities mail actually had been. Then I went through and put my hard copies in order, then went through my e-mail and saved and printed copies of everything I had electronically. 

So now I'm ready to actually start recording purchases.  My plan is to do a little bit every day or few over the rest of the year, instead of making myself crazy trying to do everything in one or two huge binges. 

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