Monday, October 13, 2014

Scheduling & Making Things

Scheduling Natter

When I last posted, I'd sent e-mail and was otherwise poking at the schedule. The results so far are:

Kollision Kon: Heard back fairly promptly, that we've been wait-listed.

Kitsune Con: Still radio silence.

Boar's Head: Vendor applications still not available, according to the website.

Military History Fest: Just filled out the application and wrote out a check for six tables.

Bristol Renaissance Faire: Sent e-mail asking if there will be a Visiting Artist program again in 2015, no response yet.

Anime Central: Waffled for a while if we were going to do ACen again or not, and decided we are doing ACen again. I filled out the on-line application yesterday (first day vendor apps were open). Supposedly the rest of the process should take less than a month, which would be faster than last year. 

Making Things

Friday night I cut out a bunch of smaller soft laced pouches - my to-do list says I need the second-smallest size, which I'm not sure is exactly up-to-date, but I figured I'd go ahead and start them anyway. And while I was at it, I cut out some of the small square ones, too.

Saturday, while Ron and Xap worked on sewing for Teslacon, I cut out a bunch of the same type of pouches in black. Because those we do need.

Also started working on some steampunk-ish garb for Ron and Robin. Specifically, cutting vests out of muslin and test-fitting. Round 1 fit Robin with only minor modifications needed, didn't fit Ron. Round 2 for Ron, with another pattern, was closer. Round 3 for Ron is partially laid out on paper, need to make known modifications and test-fit again.

Yesterday and today I made Chocolate Babka, which has nothing to do with Otter Necessities, but it was really good. When we were shopping for the ingredients Ron found small cans of marzipan, so I actually made marzipan-chocolate babka. (Rolled out dough, warmed up the marzipan in the microwave, spread on half the dough as well as I could, folded the dough over to sandwich the marzipan (one can per loaf) and rolled it out again, then did the chocolate filling, which was made with Lindt 85% and 90-mumble% dark chocolate bars and Godiva unsweetened cocoa powder. And margarine, because we forgot butter. Oops, but I don't think the babka suffered.)

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