Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yesterday, Not as Planned

As you may recall, I'm doing a program book for the annual floodplain managers' conference.  I had yesterday off (Lincoln's Birthday), the conference chair had said she'd get me a bunch of content by yesterady, and my plan was that I would spend a good chunk of the day working on the book.

As you may surmise from the post title, it didn't quite work out that way. She got me some sample content, to see if the formatting was ok. I explained that I really don't need (or want) any formatting done, my first step is to strip out any formatting that comes with text, and apply the basic/main paragraph formatting I'm using for the book, ie: formatting is my job, just get me the words and I'll make them look nice.

I think that made her very happy, and hopefully later today or tomorrow I'll get more content to work with this weekend and Monday (Presidents Day). I forgot that these aren't people who are used to the SF convention structure where the roles of who does what, at least in my experience, are reasonably well defined. In this case, the chair is also in charge of what I think of as programming, and has in the past done a large chunk of what I think of as publications. 

Instead of working on the program book, I considered working on leather stuff. But the dining room is still a mess, and we haven't had a chance to trim the old shelves to be new shelves for the dining room and hang up the necessary hardware for said shelves. So I didn't work on leather, either. 

I sewed, instead. Part of a steampunk outfit I cut out a couple-few years ago, more natter about that on my personal blog.

Since Robin and I both had yesterday off, Ron, who is not-sick-dammit, said Robin and I could schlep bins to the storage locker. That part of the day went as planned. Rather well, in fact. Robin got more stuff into the truck than Ron or I expected. Still some things to go, but that was a significant amount taken.

Got e-mail the other day inviting us to be vendors at the "Festival of the Horse and Drum", to be held at the Kane County Fairgrounds August 16th and 17th. Two 10x10 spaces would be pricey considering that I'm not sure how well we'd do, outdoors on pavement so provide and weight/anchor your own shelter/shade or rent, close to MuseCon (although after), etc. So I'm thinking not, although I'll probably e-mail tonight with some questions.  I may, however, put it on the calendar as an interesting thing to go to and see (and assess for possible vending at next year). I think the organizers got our name via a (named) person who went to Military History Fest, who said we are "must-have" vendors. My ego, it is booed (as in ego-boo, not boo-hiss), but my pocketbook is more cautious.

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