Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Schedule Updates

Yes, time to update the schedule again.  

I've pulled Military History Fest off of the list, since its over and done. But we'll be going back next year.

Nothing much on the SCA Midrealm or Northshield calendars for us in the next couple-few months, since absolutely positively never-again swearing off Ida Noyes Hall.  And setting up and tearing down for one day is getting to be something I only want to do if I know sales will be decent.

We were discussing CodCon over the weekend, which is the gaming convention held at the College of DuPage. This year CodCon will be 4-6 April. CodCon is a gamble - two years ago we did well enough thanks to the Cosplay club. Last year we did well enough thanks to a LARP group. But from the general gamers, not so much. Also, we've kinda gotten to be space-hungry for their dealer room. I see they have a cosplay photoshoot area scheduled for the weekend, but I'm not sure I want to risk it again. 

Anime Central, therefore, is the next confirmed event, May 16-18. I really need to see if I can find out if there's anywhere we can park the trailer on Thursday and Sunday. 

Cog County Faire, a steampunk event, is May 30-June 1. It looks like it could be fun, but as mentioned previously, the date is awfully close to ACen. We'd probably be OK under the EZ-Ups, but that's also an issue. 

I e-mailed Anime Midwest (July 4th weekend) today, and gasp, got a prompt response! I decided not to push too hard, and just asked if there was an update on when our application would be reviewed.  This is the answer I got: 

"Applications are being approved as space is available, however we have more than 2x applications than we will have available space for. Dealers who can not be fit in will be emailed sometime this month."  

I'm really tempted to point out that I applied at the end of October, I take it you're vetting your apps in favor of people you want, but not actually saying so? But I'm restraining myself. I'm not holding my breath at this point, to be honest. And the longer the runaround goes on, the less likely I am to want to actually go, given how disorganized they appear to be (sorry, Wash).  

Just sent off a vetting form for Geek.Kon, an anime/SF/gaming convention in Madison, August 22-24. We may still decide that it comes too soon after MuseCon, but maybe not.

Looked at the Teslacon (7-9 November, the weekend before Windycon) website today, which I should have done earlier. It appears that they may be sold out (tickets went on sale New Year's Day), and the main hotel is full. But I've e-mailed and asked about vendor space anyway. We got into ACen last year only applying a month or so out, we've got 8 months before Teslacon.  Under-whelmed with the Teslacon website.  Go ahead and take a look, won't take you long, there's very little to see.

Debating about Windycon, if we don't get into Teslacon.

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