Sunday, February 23, 2014

Program Book Progress and other natter

Stayed home sick Wednesday. Urgh. At least the antibiotics or something seem to have kept me from getting as sick as Ron did, and I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm improving.

Worked on the program book for the IAFSM conference (Ill. Assn. Floodplain & Stormwater Managers) Wednesday afternoon and pretty much all day yesterday, and a good chunk of this morning. At this point I think I've got one more thing (an small ad for Otter Necessities Design Services, as it happens) I can do, and then I'm holding on other people. 

This book is on a tight schedule. The deadline for sponsorships (and pre-registration) is the 28th (Friday), and it goes to the printer on March 3rd (Monday). I was asked what the last day they can send me information to the book, and I said 7 am Sunday. 

Fortunately, the pair of people getting information to me are not pushing my buttons. Not like the Windycon book, which had me ranting and raving on a regular basis. I did say that I felt like I was flailing, but Robin said I usually say that at some point. So I guess I'm doing ok. 

Still waiting for Teslacon to put up vendor information, but I've registered the 4 of us (Ron, me, Robin, Xap) to attend, and got a hotel room. So we'll be there regardless. Which means we need clothes. More natter about that on my personal blog.

Leather for three hard pouch fronts is soaking for Ron to mold tonight. One of them is an order form Military History Fest. Fortunately I said it was going to be a while to get it done, and I think I'll make the time-frame I said. 

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