Friday, February 28, 2014

Long Grim Slog of Doom, Plus TeslaCon

The program book for the floodplain managers' conference has hit the long grim slog of doom stage. Monday I accomplished nothing, as is usual for Mondays, and Tuesday I accomplished nothing because I drove to Springfield and back for a meeting, so by the time I got home my brain was mush and it was almost bedtime anyway. Wednesday night I plowed through a pile of e-mail with book updates, and yesterday I got home a little early and got all those updates into the book draft. 

Still happy with the people I'm working with on the book. I was wondering if maybe my issues with doing the Windycon book were with me, but even though this book isn't easy, I'm not getting as frustrated, so I think my issues with Windycon are that I am not a good fit for Windycon.

Anyway, this book is not only at the long grim slog of doom stage, but a long grim slog of doom in pursuit of a moving target. I could say a lot more, but that would mean thinking about it more than is probably good for my sanity.

Moving on to a slightly more sane topic, I checked farcebook this morning and discovered that vendor applications for TeslaCon are open. So, before leaving for work I filled it out. Predictably, the on-line form did not echo back to the e-mail address which it required me to provide. Insert snarl here. I'll give it a day or few and then poke to make sure it was received. TeslaCon does get points for clearly stating both the application deadline and when the decisions will be announced. 

For extra bonus fun, it reads as if vendors get one 10'x10' spot. We managed with that kind of space at ACen, I suppose we can do it at TeslaCon. And the vendor fee includes 3 tickets. I'll face the hurdle of already tickets if/when we're accepted as vendors.

Picking up PeaPod on the way home, then back to the long grim slog of doom in pursuit of a moving target. Which will be done by Monday morning, one way or the other . . .

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