Monday, October 29, 2012

Quivers and More

I forgot to get any pictures of the deerskins, as mentioned in my last post. Sorry 'bout that.

Saturday morning Ron and I were discussing role-playing gaming and dice, and Ron mentioned wanting a new dice bag, which led to the comment that we could use more of the smallest size drawstring bags, which we sell a couple-three of each event.

That led to a trip to Tandy/Leather Factory to root through the scrap bin. We also got two 3D stamps, but overall we were very restrained.

MuseCon Publicattions design work consumed Saturday afternoon - I made a tech-themed poster and version of the flyer. The poster uses pictures taken at past MuseCons, which meant plowing through a lot of images to find good ones to use.

Ron and Robin had brought one of our 4' long tables in to use for gaming, and Sunday morning I took it over to cut quivers out (more surface area than the Workmate workbenches in the dining room, and more comfortable than working on the floor), since they weren't using it.

I'd intended to cut out 2 medium quivers, one black and one of the new tan bison. I started with the black, and realized after cutting that I'd cut out a small size quiver body. I decided to go ahead and also cut out a medium-size black one. Then I switched to the bison. If you look at the picture of the bison in the previous entry, that's the area I cut the quiver out of.

I considered what was left of the black side I'd started with, and cut out a large black quiver (giving us a set of each of the three sizes in black). That left me with enough to cut belt loops and bottom pieces out of, and some pieces I should be able to get hard pouch backs out of.

After that I marked holes. Lots and lots of holes. The quivers are assembled with half-inch wide strips, and I marked both ends of the lacing slots, around three sides of each quiver body, plus slots on the bottoms and belt loops.

While Ron went to work punching all those holes, I cut pouches out of the leather I got Saturday. I cut out 8 or 9 small drawstring bags, a medium-sized one for Ron, and two soft tabbed pouches (see the last post for a picture of several of those).

I brought tools out to the living room Sunday, and worked there, and Ron did his hole-punching in the living room. We were good and put everything but the anvil away when we were done. It's nice being in the same room as Ron and Robin and being able to kind-of watch TV while working, but it's also nice not having all the tools and everything cluttering up the living room.

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