Friday, October 12, 2012

Beer Guts: 1 Down, 1 To Go

Yay! We finished the replacement beer gut last night! Yay!

We didn't have any CA accelerant in the house, so I didn't get any lacing done on replacement beer gut Wednesday night, after gluing the knot in place on the antler peg. But I did get the dee holders stitched down on the old one I'm refurbishing.

Yesterday was . . . exciting. The call of nature woke me up around 4 am, and I hadn't really fallen back asleep when Ron's morning went to hell in a very painful handbasket. Ambulance summoned, trip to ER, CT scan, diagnosis: kidney stone.

I could have made it to work by mid- to late-morning, but by the time we got home, did all the usual getting-ready-in-the-morning things, started dinner in the crock pot, and went to the pharmacy for pain meds for Ron, my stomach said it had had enough, I was staying home, dammit.

So I started lacing up the replacement beer gut.

And restarted . . . and restarted . . . repeat another couple times, IIRC.

I lost count if it was the 4th or 6th start that succeeded. Somewhere in there. Fortunately, once the more-tricky-than-I-realized start with the braid for a peg was done, the actual lacing is pretty much autopilot, so I laced and read and tried to stay awake.

Robin's one class yesterday was mid-afternoon, and Ron was feeling much better by then (ie: stone gone), so Ron and I went to The Container Store after dropping Robin off, and got bins for Thing 2. Did other errands, picked up Robin, and back home.

I declared it time to make the shoulder strap even though I wasn't done with the lacing, since Ron has things to do tonight. Got that done, then I finished the lacing. And there was much rejoicing! Yay!

Started to sew the top edge binding on the beer gut being refurbished, realized that I didn't have to, it wasn't too early to go to bed. Or at least start getting ready.

So I did. Still a bit tired today, but still happy the beer gut is done. It took me much longer to do than it should have. I'll pack it up tonight and see if I can download the customs forms. If not I'll get and fill them out tomorrow at the Post Office, then off it goes down under!

The beer gut being refurbished isn't nagging at me, as it doesn't have any kind of deadline. It'll be done when I finish.

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