Monday, October 22, 2012

Bison Leather Pic & Not Much Else

I didn't forget about posting a picture of the bison leather, it just took me a while. Apologies for the quality if you click to embiggen, it looked better on my phone.

This is one end, and despite the fuzziness I think you can see the grain. You can also see the shininess - most leather I buy wouldn't have such bright highlights.

Between things related to Robin's birthday and various forms of housekeeping (more natter on my personal blog if you're interested) almost nothing got done with leather this weekend, other than a bit of work on lacing a couple pouches.

Did get some new leather. Xap called Saturday to ask if we used deerskin, as she was somewhere that had some very pretty pieces. She got two skins, one a really pretty teal or turquoise (I'm never sure where the line is between the two, if one exsists), and a dark green. They should make very pretty soft pouches along the lines of belt satchels and the small soft pouches like these.

In fact, the dark green isn't too far off the green one in that picture, and I'd been wishing I could get some more, because I think a belt satchel in that color combination would be really sharp.

I'll try to remember to get a picture of at least the teal deer tonight.

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