Monday, October 15, 2012

I Made Things!

Picked up customs forms at the Post Office Friday night, and Saturday morning I handed the beer gut over to the mercies of USPS.

Then we went home and had a cleaning fit. Ron and Robin folded and shifted the floor room, creating more space in the living room. Be still my heart!

On the downside, the cleaning fit also shifted a bunch of stuff out to the dining room. I've put some of it away, still have some to go.

During the cleaning fit I found a bin of pouches. IIRC we brought them in to take pictures of to put them up for sale on Etsy and/or ArtFire, then forgot about them. So they haven't made it to the last few events. Oops. After lunch we took them out to the trailer, I packed them into the bins for Thing 2, then Ron packed ammo boxes and bins into Thing 2. Ammo boxes have been judged a good fit.

Saturday afternoon/evening I worked on hard pouches. We decided to put dees on the back of the larger ones so they can be used as sporrans. I'm going to need more simple/cheap dees soonish. In the process, I tested the limits of the big sewing machine, snapping a needle in the process.

Change of plans, from sewing to rivets. I'm going to need more long double-cap rivets. Four belt pouches ready to lace up by bedtime Saturday.

Yesterday I worked on soft belt pouches, with a break for a MuseCon meeting at the Rolling Meadows public library, which was in turn somewhat interrupted by a tornado watch. Add 5 soft pouches ready to lace, and dye edges on (with permanent marker).

This week I need to work on flyers, etc. for MuseCon. I think the plan is that Ron will do mindless lacing (ie: he gets me to do starts and splices), while I work on design-type stuff.

Got my replacement color chart for linen thread. Did not, however, get the replacement tan bison side yet. Perhaps today.

I need to put more pouches up for sale on Etsy, I think I'll have Ron get pictures and list new ones as I finish them, instead of a repeat of the bin of forgotten pouches issue.

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