Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Follow Up to Previous Natter

The sewing machine is fixed. Ron put the needle in correctly. I don't wanna talk about it, but at least it was an easier fix than having to adjust the timing.

Had no brain and accomplished nothing last night.

The desktop computer is spoken for tomorrow night, so I should probably get all the new pouches, sporrans, and satchel into inventory tonight. I should probably double-check how we are for belts while I'm at it - we didn't sell (m)any at CodCon, but we've sold some on-line, and may need to make some more for this weekend and next.

Debating making myself a bag like Ron's, mostly if there's any changes I want to make for myself. I meant to see how the large pocket was for a biggish ball of yarn last night, but forgot. I'm also debating exactly what I want to use it for, and thus what pockets I might want to add. I'm also considering, um, prettier leather for the front, flap, and top facing. Some of the bison leather I have samples of would be nice, and it's the right weight, but that would mean buying more leather. I probably should at least see what we have already that would work.

Also debating if I would want a buckle on the front like we put on Ron's bag, or an extension/tab on the back or center piece to hold a strap coming from the flap. Think think, think think think...

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