Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post-Event Natter & More

We figured out why I forgot the hole punches Saturday. They were in our bedroom, not the workroom. I didn't see them and apparently wasn't smart enough to remember them all by myself.

We did sell belts on Saturday - the ratio of pouches to belts was 3/2, which isn't bad. Fortunately, the person that bought a buckled belt didn't need holes in it (for someone else).

Stayed home this morning with an unhappy tummy.

Spent much of the morning poking at the Programming descriptions for the MuseCon book. They're not actually in the book yet, I'll do that once I get the last round of updates. But I have the text formatted, and did some proofreading.

Some time afternoon I decided it was time to retreat to the air conditioning, and started gathering Otter paperwork that needed to be sorted and the books caught up. Then I needed to scan some receipts. Then print out some records from Etsy, etc.

By which time it was 3:00, and the magnetic/sleepy field of the bed called to me. Zzzzzzz.

I have gotten paperwork sorted, but I forgot to bring up binder clips when I went downstairs to eat dinner, drat.

Ron, the dogs, and I are back in the comfortable room. Air-conditioning is good. At least I had the sense to go to the grocery store, in the car without AC, this morning while it was still not too hot.

E-mailed a fall gaming convention that's held at College of DuPage to see if they have their vendor information ready yet. Still waiting on a response from the SCA event that's the same weekend as WindyCon; the merchant person was waiting on an answer to a question from someone else last I heard.

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