Monday, June 11, 2012

Addendum to the Weekend Report

The post I typed up last night was not my most coherent. Sorry about that, tired blogger was tired. Here's a supplemental post, with pictures.

I meant to take pictures of the gussets being molded, but forgot. But I got pictures last night that are probably about as useful.

The picture above is a side view of the center divider piece, with the narrower front gusset on the left, and the big gusset (5" wide) on the right, which I've partly pulled open. The gussets have been glued down with rubber cement, and I'm playing with a section that's already stitched.

I'm not sure it's worth clicking this picture to embiggen, as it's out of focus. It shows the divider (opening side down) and the wide gusset, which I'm working on sewing into place (along with the narrow gusset).

I pulled up a map of Saturday's event site, and I definitely think the spread-out nature of things was part of the problem, exacerbated by the heat - people going between the fighting and the camping weren't going to be inclined to dawdle and shop as there was no shade between merchant canopies. The camping area was wooded, and hence shaded, but I'm not sure there was much free space in that area.

As I said, it was a dusty site, at least where we were. I should bring a jug of (tap) water and some rags this weekend so we can clean the dust off of merchandise. Although the weather has been dry enough that this weekend may be just as dusty.

Our attempts to keep in the shade were mostly successful. Xap and Ron made it mostly un-burned, my face got pink, and only one upper arm got toasted. I made the mistake of wearing a t-shirt with shorter sleeves than I usually wear under a sari, so I got burned a bit when the sun snuck up behind me and got the pasty-white flesh that's usually covered. Below my usual sleeve-line is fine. I've been burned worse.

I should have brought more water. The amount I brought would have been fine for an indoor fall/winter/spring event, not for outdoors on a hot day. I also didn't bring much to eat, not realizing (I didn't look at the site layout beforehand - d'oh!) how far we'd be from the building with the food. We didn't go hungry, but then again we didn't over-eat either. This weekend we'll bring a bigger cooler, more water and Gatorade (Xap dropped some off yesterday), and ice. And probably more munchies.

Hopefully Ragnorak Rampage this weekend will be better. If nothing else, Plowman's Park simply isn't as big, so it's hard not to be near traffic areas. And we've been in a more shaded area in past years. IIRC merchants are also typically close to a building with plumbing. Always a good thing.

And to wrap up, here's a couple pictures of Ron's new leather kilt from AltKilt, and the belt and sporran we made Sunday morning to go with it. I expect we'll be making a blue belt and blue and black sporran to go with the other kilt, when it arrives with the leftover leather.

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