Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Odds & Ends

Trailer Tweaking

The trailer, it is good. But we can make it better! Ron wants to get a wheel to put on the built-in trailer jack, to make it easier to park, hitch up, yadda yadda. Installation will be exceedingly simple, as the wheel replaces the foot plate that came with the jack, a plate which is easily removed, as you're not supposed to tow the trailer with the plate attached.

So far Ron has not packed the trailer the same way twice. On Saturday he determined that he can stand the gridwall upright, so that's how it came home. The tables are also packed standing on edge, so this morning I ordered two more pieces of e-track to install higher up to tie the gridwall and tables to - they're probably ok tied only to the lower e-track, but tying them either up toward the top or better yet both high and lower is preferable. Ron really likes the e-track, it makes securing cargo simple. Along with the e-track I also ordered a few more fittings, and two more ratchet straps that hook into the e-track.

Packing Things

Maybe while Robin's at karate tomorrow I'll run up to Dick's and see what they have in not-too-expensive largish duffle/gear bags. The EZ-Up-style shade things we have came with carrier bags, but they're almost too small for the frame, roof, and walls (we're experiencing zipper failures), and get rather heavy fully loaded; and when you take the frames out (which Robin got fed up and did), they're a sub-optimal size for the canvas - about 5' long and narrow. My plan is to get a shorter bags, one for roof pieces and one for wall pieces, as we don't always use the walls. I could make a couple canvas bags, but I have more than enough things to occupy my time as it is.

More Sewing Fun

Ron's second leather kilt arrived yesterday. Specifically, a box of puzzle-pieces that will be Ron's second leather kilt arrived. I'm going to do final assembly, as I apparently have a sewing machine with more intestinal fortitude than AltKilt does. I didn't un-pack the box completely, but things appear to be labelled, pleats etc. were marked, and I have his green kilt to work from, so it really isn't fair of me to call it a puzzle. I blame Ron, he called it that first. Some of the pieces have had some of the stitching done, I need to pull everything out, lay it out, and see what exactly is done and what I'll need to do.

Return of Graphic Design

Continuing on with the "lots to do" theme, it's time to do serious work on the MuseCon program book. I have most of the content, but I do need to poke a couple departments for odds & ends. I've decided the basic layout will be the same, although I will probably change one or more of the fonts. Fortunately, I did things intelligently, so I can edit last year's paragraph styles, I don't have to start completely over from scratch.

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