Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working, Not Quite as Planned

Things have not quite gone as planned yesterday and today.

Last night after dinner we went to Target to get Robin new headphones and a new CD player. Except Target had almost nothing in the way of CD players, so Robin got an MP3-Player-Player instead. But when we got home I worked on pouches. I got the medium vertical soft pouches ready to lace (actually did that while dinner was cooking), and got most of the flaps for the hanging pouches ready to lace.

This morning it was back to Target to return the MP3-Player-Player, because it was broken out of the box. On the way there, we realized that Robin's iPod had also died. Convenient timing, actually, since the new iPods use a different connector than the older ones. On the way to the vet's to get heartworm pills, we got a flat tire, so there was a delay there while Ron and Robin changed the tire. Then we got to kill about an hour and a half (mostly at GFS) while the tire was repaired (warranty at Discount Tire FTW, and they do the final tightening by hand, with a torque wrench, so you can actually get lug nuts off). Then to Berland's House of Tools to look for possible benches for the new press (struck out), and at a cordless Dremel tool that was on sale (which followed us home, particularly since our corded Dremel is hiding). Then to Best Buy for a new iPod, iPod player/sound dock, and a couple other odds and ends. Then lunch, because by then we were getting hungry, and finally back home.

So much for a quick couple errands this morning. Oddly enough, the Dremel-in-hiding did not jump out and show itself as soon as we opened the new one. 

This afternoon I started by sorting the scrap pile: Straps for belt loops, straps for bottles, other straps, and all other scrap. 

After that, I decided to process the belt loop to-be pile, so it wouldn't try to masquerade as general scrap again (I found a bunch of chunks that I think were just such a pile previously). 

Here's the pile:

The stack on/in the Rubbermaid container is about to be split down to the right thickness. The smaller pile to the upper right is already thin enough. 

Here's the end result:

They take up much less space - that's the same Rubbermaid container that the straps were piled on/in.

Putting the belt loops away and determining how many of the pieces we had for hanging pouch belt loop tabs led to sorting and re-organizing the drawer in the tool cabinet where I keep them. 

That led to checking to see how the latch supply was, and cleaning up part of that drawer. 

Things went downhill from there. I ended up sorting and re-organizing all three of the drawers in that set of tool drawers (upper right black unit) Which was useful, but sorting rivets is pretty high on the list of boring things to do. OTOH, I now know that we're in pretty good shape for latches, I can find things in the drawers, and the burrs (washers) for all the copper and brass rivets aren't mixed into the rivets. These are all good things, even if it wasn't how I planned to spend the afternoon. 

Currently waiting for calzones for dinner.

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