Monday, March 24, 2014

Plans? What are These "Plans" of Which You Speak?

Yes, still more not-according-to-plan yesterday. 

In the morning Ron and Robin replaced the power switch on the big sewing machine, and installed the cool little LED light bar I'd gotten, which turned out to be a bigger job than expected (the light bar has a magnet, but I'd forgetten about routing the cord). Fortunately, Ron found one of the two multi-meters that were hiding, so a trip to get yet another one was averted (multi-meter needed to ensure that the correct bits were connected between the switch and machine motor). While they were doing that I got some more little half-soft pouches ready to lace.

After that I went through the big pile of straps for putting on/around bottles, split them down, sorted them by color and size, coiled them up in a bunch of zippy bags, packed them in a Rubbermaid container (without a top), stuck a label in the container for future ease of identification, and put it up out of the way on a shelf.  Its probably more of some of the size straps than I need, but it made sense to split it all down, as it was to a thickness I use for other things, like holding dees on the back of pouches for use as sporrans. And it cleaned up the dining room some more.

Then I went out with Ron and Robin to get coffee beans, and when we stopped at Crate and Barrel for canisters for the coffee, and that quick stop went off the rails, with further not-as-planned when we got home to put new stuff away, pack old things, and re-organized kitchen cupboards (last quarter of linked blog post).  Oops. Then it was time to make dinner.

While dinner cooked, and after, I got the pouch that was ordered last month ready to lace. Actually, lacing around the body is the last step, and not necessarily the biggest one. I'll finish that up today, and it can go out tomorrow, or even today, since the US mail doesn't come until 3-4-ish - taking today off as a sanity work-on-things day. If I ever quit blogging and go back upstairs to get a shower. 

I like my new cordless Dremel tool. And I found the old one yesterday, it showed up when I went looking for it because I thought I needed a bigger collet (which I didn't), and Ace Hardware was closed, so I couldn't just run out and get one. The cordless one is chunkier, but my hands are large enough that it isn't a problem. 

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