Friday, March 21, 2014

Still Working

Monday night was pretty much a loss, as Mondays tend to be. Tuesday night we were going to mold another batch of pouch fronts, but the batch on the molds weren't quite dry.

The leather I'd ordered Monday arrived Tuesday, and was the wrong weight, and way undersized for the price I paid (I prefer to pay for leather by the square foot, not per piece, since cows are not uniform in size). OTOH, one of the advantages of being a regular customer somewhere is that the problem was fixed without fuss, and in a generous manner. 

Wednesday night Ron made a belt to deliver at the regular Wednesday night thing, and we got the pouches molded. And then Elrond promptly stepped on one of them with a muddy paw while playing with Pippin (a damp rag took care of it the mud).

Last night I worked on soft pouches while watching "Castle". I got three of the small square ones ready to lace, and two of the medium vertical ones almost there - they probably need about another 10 minutes work.  

This morning I paid the sales tax bills, and got a couple flaps for hanging shield pouches ready to lace. And then at lunch I got the lacing done. I was going to copy Otter's tax returns (I refuse to pay several/many tens of dollars for the version of TurboTax that will fill in mostly-zeroes for me), but found some bits that need to be filled in. Most of it I could have done by hand, but I'd rather send legible copies.

The plan for tonight is to finish off the little bit of prep work on the soft pouches from last night, then get lacing holes in the rest of the flaps for hanging pouches, as well as put latches on them.

The plan for the rest of the weekend is to work on hanging pouches and bottles. There's actually a method to that plan - I think I can reduce the size of the scrap pile in front of the sewing machine by going through it for the straps to put on bottles, or at least consolidate/re-locate it. That will make it easier for Ron to replace the power switch on the sewing machine, so I can sew the flaps onto the hard pouches, after the flaps are laced. 

Heard back on the footprint of the proof press we're starting to save for, looks like it will fit on the smaller (and less expensive) kitchen workbench we were looking at. 

Ordered black lace yesterday, and found another source for colored lace. Still need to order latches. I haven't checked what the stock on hand is like, but I think "need more" is a safe assumption. I just need to check which I'm most in need of.

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