Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Print Studio Layout

As threatened, here are pictures (click to embiggen) of our letterpress studio in the spare bedroom.  

Standing in the doorway at the southwest corner of the room, looking at the north wall:

You're looking at the Ikea gate-leg table, with the big bench off to the right. The stuff in the foreground is on top of the set of Elfa drawers holding the slide rule collection. The space where the folding chair is between the gate-leg table and the big bench is where I'd planned to put the file drawers. (I very briefly considered removing or raising the lowest shelf of books, but then we'd have the problem of what to do with the books.) There is room to open the other wing of the table, if we want the table space and I don't need to use my press. The box on the table is full of the MuseCon coasters, ready for Capricon.

The air conditioners are in front of the (full of rarely-needed stuff) closet door. When we take them out of the windows next fall they probably won't be coming back into this room. I'm also thinking of replacing the big one for our room with two smaller units like Robin's, which will at very least be not quite so large, heavy, and awkward.

Here's the big bench (an Ikea kitchen counter unit) that the presses sit on, on the east wall:

About the only change from the previous picture I've posted is where things are on the shelves underneath. You can see a bit of the folding chair and the very corner of the gate-leg table on the left side of the picture. That is another bookshelf tucked into the corner to the right of the bench.

Turning 180 degrees, here's the west wall:

In the center are the 5-drawer small flat-file cabinets, on top of their Elfa drawer unit stand (from the Container Store). On the left, the black thing is the paper cutter, the thing on the right is the paper creaser. They sit on the small Ikea kitchen carts.Off on the left are most of our CDs, some of which are piled higgledy-piggledy on top of the air conditioners, and a bit of the gate-leg table. Once we put the air conditioners in the windows come spring, hopefully the CDs can go back on the shelves.

On the bottom shelf under the creaser you can see the new, more defininitely green paper. The package of paper next to it is the very pale green (the pictures are kind of yellow, I forgot to color-correct before uploading). The thing(s) on top of the filing cabinets is a power squid.

We did not clean up the room for these pictures, although the cleaning fairies did come yesterday, which meant the floor was vacuumed. We've been trying hard to keep the room neat. The pile of things to the left of my press on the big bench is actually not quite as disorganized as it appears. Can't quite say the same for the odds and ends piled on the paper cutter, though.

Not pictured is the south wall of the room, which has a set of shelves along it, filled with things that have nothing to do with printing, and the Elfa drawer unit housing the slide rules.

I was somewhat surprised to discover that an air mattress will still fit in the open floor space, even without dropping both wings of the table and rotating it against the wall. We didn't end up needing the air mattress, but now we know it is usable. Not sure if the cot will fit, though.

I have tracking numbers for the new banners and polymer plates. I expect the plates tomorrow and the banners on Friday, yay!  I'm impressed that the banners went out yesterday, as I didn't get the file for the smaller banner sent to the printer until the afternoon on Monday. 

Didn't make any progress on an order form for business cards last night, but I did make cut up a rather large piece of beef, and from it made dinner for last night (curry), tonight (vaguely chili-ish stew), and cooked strips to have on dinner salads tomorrow, plus doing dishes and all while not making a mess out of my nice clean kitchen. I love my cleaning fairies! (the "fairies" part referring to the magical aspect of the house getting clean)

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