Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inching Along

Last night I checked the belt inventory list, and cut belts. Apparently havana (dark brown) was a strong seller at Military History Fest, that's what I made the most of.  I decided putting the hardware on could wait until we got to CodCon, as I think there's only one that we were completely out of. 

I did realize this morning that there's one or two belt blanks that we do need to put hardware on tonight - mundane (1-1/2" wide) belts get snaps to hold the buckle on, which Ron will definitely want to do with the new setter.

A month or two back, after Military History Fest, I made a couple semi-circular Civil War-era semi-circular belt pouches. I finished assembly, but they needed more attention - the leather I made them out of is a bit thick, so the ears on the sides (like side ears on a box with a tuck-in flap, like, um, band-aids) didn't want to fold in nicely, and the flaps are a bit recalcitrant. 

Nothing like an approaching event to encourage me to finish things, so this morning I soaked the pouches for a few minutes, stuffed them with newspaper to encourage them into a better shape, folded the ears, then wrapped them each in a small towel to keep the flaps where I want them while they dry. In a day or so they'll be dry, hopefully holding their shape better, and I can punch the last couple holes necessary to call them completely finished.  

I've got a box of new merchandise and other odds and ends being packed. Hopefully I'll be able to get all the new merchandise in it, but I won't cry too hard if I can't. 

I'm pretty sure I've got a bag of new conchos floating around the house, need to find those. And I need to bring the letter stamps, as we've already got some more conchos to add to the new display strap that we made a few weeks ago.

Current to-do-for-CodCon list, in no particular order:
  • Find conchos
  • Make embossed belt with concho and matching buckle set, in bag of conchos to be found
  • Re-charge UPS
  • Check to see if gaffer's tape is packed
  • Pack velcro (found, just not in bin)
  • Pack tools
  • Buttonhole punch CW pouches once dry
  • Put snaps on mundane belt blank(s)
  • Update inventory and e-mail to external iBrain
  • Pack letter stamps
  • Pack things to work on
  • Get all the packed things in one place so Ron and Robin can find it to pack the trailer 
  • To-do list the external iBrain says I need to update the price list
  • Print sales tax cheat sheets and price lists, e-mail to iBrain as necessary
  • Strips of leather for historically accurate hardware display?
  • Pack hardware from big hardware order
  • Pack new pouches
I can get this all done by bedtime Thursday night. I can get this all done by bedtime Thursday night. Suuuure I can . . .

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