Monday, April 15, 2013

CodCon Prep & Schedule Natter

Saturday morning I finished the batch of hanging pouches I've been mucking about with, six in all. 2 large singles, and 4 small singles. I was down to setting the studs (which also hold the belt loop tabs in place for stitching), and sewing. I finished those up by noon, as well as putting the binding on the flap of a leather belt satchel that's been lurking about for months. 

After lunch, which we ate out to celebrate a relatively painless plumbing project, we went to Cabela's for more ammo cans for the sock yarn. Unfortunately, we came home can-less. They'd had some earlier in the day, but were apparently cleaned out. Insert regret for not stopping on the way home one day last week here. I did order some more, I expect they'll come in a week from today, ie: right after CodCon. 

Saturday afternoon I made the chain necessary to finish a soft pouch, which uses a dummy rifle round as a peg to hold it shut. I also got swivels sewn onto the last three tails. 

While I was doing that, Ron antiqued some brown embossed strips and made them into more wristbands. We have quite a number of wristbands for sale now. I really must figure out what I'm going to charge for them, and how much they cost us.

Sunday I alternated between making a hakama for Ron, so he can have a new Japanese-style outfit to wear at CodCon, too, and putting tags on the big batch of knitting needles I got recently-ish. I figured how much I paid for this batch (with shipping), which was more than the first batch. I priced the first batch based on what I paid for them, which I realized is not sensible, as I think I got the first batch on sale, and this batch I got some volume discounts on, but still weren't as cheap as the first.

Subsequent needle re-stock purchases may not be as large, or on sale, so I went back, found the base prices, and re-figured what to charge. Then I made labels (which I'd started), including ones with the new prices for the stuff I got in the first batch. Since all the labelling on the packages is in Chinese, I put the needle sizes on the stickers, so people don't have to read the markings stamped into the needles (which gets challenging on a 2.0 mm diameter needle). Ron helped me put the stickers on. 

I'd also ordered some cable needles, and realized I ordered Stupid Amounts of one type - instead of ordering by single sets, one type was packages of two sets (three sizes per set), and the other was packages of *five* sets. Which meant I got 6 sets of one style (not so bad), and fifteen of the other (definitely Stupid Amounts). Fortunately, it wasn't a terribly expensive mistake, and plastic cable needles don't go bad. 

E-mailed the faculty sponsor/contact for the college SF club that puts on CodCon to find out what time setup starts Friday. Which will be just Ron and I, as Robin has begged off, having joined a Friday night D&D game. Fink. :)

Still need to figure prices on the new pouches, get them into inventory, tag them, and pack them up. Tonight I need to check inventory to see if we need to make more belts. Hopefully we don't need to get more leather to do so. It wouldn't be impossible at this point, but it'll be a little nerve-wracking time-wise. Will need to pack tools, once a decision is made on belts and make any necessary. 

I meant to send some things out to the trailer yesterday, but never got a Round Tuit. But Robin will be home tomorrow, I can always leave him a stack. 

Future Events:

Once I post this I'll be pulling the May 4th Midrealm Coronation off the schedule. Its in the City of Chicago, at a church/school, and while I think there may be a parking lot adjacent, its across a not-minor roadway (Montrose Ave.), it just doesn't look like a trailer-amenable situation.

Northshield Crown Tournament, on May 11th, however, looks better. Its at a park/fairgrounds that I think we've been to in the past. Fairground-ish sites generally  trailer-amenable. Anyhow, need to make our reservations for that. 


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