Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Extended Weekend, with EEK!

The weekend sorta-kinda continued into yesterday.

As some of you know, I have a thing about going to the dentist, for a reason which I am repeatedly told is quite understandable. My current dentist is one of the people who has said so, and has gifted me with a Xanax prescription to help deal with it. Yay Xanax!

So, yesterday morning I had the drilling and grinding part of a crown done, with attendant gluing-on of a temporary crown. Ron (designated driver) dropped me off at home by 10:30 am. I was loopy enough that I didn't do anything until after lunch. In fact, I was about ready to give up and take a nap to see if I could sleep off the last of the Xanax, when I got the call that the I'd called for earlier was on the way.

I decided that although I wasn't as bad as I'd been earlier in the day, I probably shouldn't be working on custom pouches. So I dug out soft leather and started cutting out soft pouches (tracing patterns and cutting on the lines requires fewer active brain cells than doing custom work). Rather a lot of pouches:

2 sporrans, a belt satchel, and a little tabbed pouch from a tan moose hide.
Ditto, from a dark green deer hide.
1 belt satchel in dark teal.
2 belt satchels in a slightly pebbly darker tan.
5 sporrans and a belt satchel out of black. 

That left only some palm-sized scraps of the moose, deer, dark tan, and one piece of black. I got 4 of the sporrans and the belt satchel out of that piece, which was surprising - I had remembered it being bigger, but also got more out of it than expected once I did see the size. On the up-side, in fishing blindly in a bin of mud-colored car-interior remnants for interior pocket materials, I found a good-sized piece of black.  

In the "Eek!" department, I just realized that I mis-counted, and there are only two weekends before ACen. Fortunately, the 17 pouches I cut out yesterday, and the 10 belt satchels and little tabbed pouches I cut out last week are all ones that I machine-sew, so they go together much faster than laced pouches. Getting them finished in the next two weekends is not an unreasonable goal.

Plus, I have the final crown installation late-morning next Thursday. If I decide that it's insufficiently scary to require Xanax, I'll also have time that day.

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