Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still Need Minions

Careening closer and closer to Military History Fest. Still many things to do. Still no minions. Where are my minions?!?  Having finally read "Girl Genius", I'd also be interested in Jaegers. 

Speaking of strong backs and weak minds, its a good thing Robin is coming to Military History Fest, as Ron slipped on ice at the bottom of the front steps Monday morning, fell, and is stiff and sore. 

I went through inventory last week, and determined that I really only need to make one (1) pouch (medium vertical soft, in black). I decided I could live without making any. I could also use to finish a few things that are partly or mostly done, but I don't think that's happening either. Yay for Stoopid Amounts of stock.

Do need to make belts, and even made a list of what we need to make. Hardware ordered on Friday, I have hopes that it will be in today. I could cut strips for 3 of the 4 colors we need, but have I? No.

4th color of leather, havana (dark brown) is on order. Second time ordering from a tannery. The first time, on January 2nd or 3rd, the leather didn't go out for several days, but all my suppliers had been hard to get hold of to order, so I thought it could be post-holiday rush.

But, being paranoid, I asked when the leather would ship when I ordered a week-ish ago (I forget if it was Tuesday or Wednesday). Well, the leather would need to dry (which implies they're shipping pretty much straight off the production line, not from a warehouse), hopefully it would go out last week. Checked the bank account today, charge is pending. Which may mean it didn't go out until today. Eep. 

It's only coming from Pennsylvania, so it could still arrive this week. Even if it arrives Friday night, because UPS doesn't come until late afternoon, I could still have belts for Saturday and Sunday. But arrival today or tomorrow would be less nerve-wracking, thankyouverymuch.

On the design front, I got the handout of Publications deadlines, etc. put together for the Windycon kickoff meeting, and started a similar one for MuseCon. 

Managed to squoosh the MuseCon grid to one page, thanks to the magic of a compressed font, and rather against expectations. Minor fiddling about with what is where may occur, but at this point the hard parts are done.

I think I've got all the fonts and paragraph styles figured out for this year's MuseCon book. This is not an insignificant achievement.

Adobe is pushing their new software licensing model, the "Creative Cloud"/monthly subscription fee, pretty hard. You can still buy a lump-sum license, but for some software (Lightroom being the one I noticed), there are features that you don't get. The "Creative Cloud" licensing also gets you rolling incremental updates. I'll natter more about that in another post, though, this one is long enough. 

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