Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moving Right Along

I've removed the Ayreton Carnivale SCA event from the list of tentative events, as it seems to have morphed into a dance event in the last couple/few years, and there is no mention of merchants on the (minimal) web page for the event. February will be busy enough without it.

Last night we pried graphics out of the overall artwork the WindyCon flyer is based on, for use on the WindyCon website. 

Monday I worked a not-quite-Seekrit project related to a farther-future WindyCon. I'll probably consult with commission-er of project tonight. 

The MuseCon schedule grid goes live at Capricon, which starts two weeks from tomorrow. Now, considering that we also have Military History Fest between now and Capricon, that leaves me this weekend to create a print version of the grid and hopefully even a booklet or something with class descriptions. 

And only this weekend to maybe make more belt satchels and little tabbed pouches and stuff for Military History Fest. Erm. 

Yeah, good times.

Ron and I helped lay out (literally, I drew lines!) and populate the MuseCon grid on Saturday night. Considering that this was post-event, and would therefore most unequivocally require checking, I did not make any attempt whatsoever to remember anything, not even the bits I'm doing. 

Which reminds me, it would be cool if we could make Mama Snake up by Capricon. No, that's all I'm going to tell you about it. All will become clear eventually.

Last year's MuseCon program book pushed the limits of saddle stitch (fold and staple-ish) binding, and I don't think we're going to get any smaller this year, so the plan is to go to a spiral-wire binding. This means no nice continuous center spread for the Saturday grid. Saturday will have to go on two (facing) pages.

I have been doing the grid with rooms on the X-axis, and times on the Y-axis. Since splitting up Saturday at time breaks makes more sense than splitting the rooms across two pages, my plan is to reverse things, putting rooms on the X-axis and times on the Y.

Hmm. Thinking about it, I suspect I may end up putting Saturday on not two, but three pages. Which is Ok, because in addition to a page for Friday and a page for Sunday, we'll also have a page for drop-in things, which we'll have more of than just blinkies this year. But a page of the MuseCon book is only half a sheet of letter-size paper, so six pages is 3 sides of paper. So I'd have a side of paper free, and we could still do a schedule flyer, with two sheets. Or make a jumbo flyer folded cleverly up on 11 x 17. 

I probably should start figuring out my layout tonight, even if I don't have the full data to populate it - I already know how many rooms and what what our time slots are (same as last year), so if I can get that layout figured out, filling in the words should be the easy part.


I think I better get some Minions.

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