Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sick, Tired, and Productive

If I'm not too sick, I can be fairly productive. This weekend, for example. 

Last week Ron was suffering from being very tired, sore throat, and spiking fevers, with some bonus digestive upset. I think it's flu. And it's still hanging on for him. 

Sunday I think I was starting to live in Denial (not just a river in Egypt!). But I wasn't feeling too bad, and got the seven hanging hard pouches ready to lace the fronts on (final step, see last week's blog entry), and finished two of them.
Monday I got up and got ready and tried to go to work. And my digestive system said no, I was not getting out of range of the bathroom. After changing to scroungy clothes I moped out to the dining room.

I started with my prototype for a small satchel. Which looks shockingly like . . . a soft leather purse! What a surprise. And then there's the fact that I put the back and back pocket on inside-out, so when you turn the bag so the seams are on the inside, the suedy side of the back and flap are out, and the pocket is on the outside. Ron says its a fashionable feature, not a bug, and I should put the binding on the flap and say I meant to do that.  :)

I was a little discouraged, so I started doing fiddly bits (belt loops, hems, etc.) on the belt satchels and sporrans to be sewn in black, because I was pretty sure I wouldn't mess those up. And when I finished all those fiddly bits, I started in on the fiddly bits on the ones to be done in brown, and little tabbed pouches.

By the time I finished, all the sporrans, belt satchels, and little tabbed pouches had all the fiddly bits done, including little ticky-marks at centers to make lining pieces up easier. Not an insignificant amount of work. That's something like 17 pouches ready to be assembled. There's two weekends between now and Maidens, I think we can probably get most of them done, maybe all of them, and maybe the two satchels, too.

Then Ron took me out for a very boring but yummy broiled burger (no cheese, no mayo, just grilled meat on a bun, as demanded by my tummy). On the way to GFS I had a massive sneezing fit, and when I finished I had a sore throat and had no energy. Apparently I sneezed myself sick, and spent the rest of the day pretty much as a lump.

Yesterday morning I reconciled belt inventory with the count Xap did at the last event, decided what leather to order from where, and ordered some more tails.

About mid-day I wandered out to the dining room, wandered back to the living room with some forgotten black soft-ish leather in hand, and got Robin's help cutting strips the right width for the small square soft-ish pouches we need more of. I ended up cutting out seven of them. And getting them all ready to lace up.

Ron pointed out that the reason I could do all these things is that they don't require lots of energy - mostly I sit in one chair or the other, at the sewing machine or one of the two workbenches. Most of the work is with my hands, and its pretty much autopilot for me. And it keeps me awake - any time the last couple-three days I stopped working on stuff I crashed. 

And I think that's enough rambling natter for now.

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