Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Space Planning

I haven't gotten any of our summer 10' x 20' layouts drawn up yet, had trouble remembering where things were.

On the other hand, I did take a crack at a layout for Military History Fest, and ran into some possible issues. I requested three 8' tables. That's all the space information that was available. I understand that - when we were running the DucKon dealer's room, not all the spaces were neat X' by Y' boxes. However, we had pretty strict (self-imposed) guidelines on how much behind-the-table space to allow.

Looking at pictures from last year's MHF, some of the back-to-back runs of tables look awfully close. Like I could pass by the other person's chair, but not much more space. Erg. Other vendors look to be set up in 3-table squares, but some look rather tight. Erg again.

I've just sent e-mail asking about what kind of spaces I might expect to encounter for setup, with a question if there's any booth-type space options possible. I sent along a PDF of the Boar's Head layout (which is less fuzzy than the JPEG), explaining that I need to be able to open the drawers on The Grinch and those quarter-circles are my belt racks.

Hopefully I struck the right note of "I don't want to be a pain, but I'd like a space I can set up in).

Space for Maidens is also a question, in a different room than last year.

I hope 2013 doesn't turn out to be too "interesting" . . .

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