Sunday, December 9, 2012

Boar's Head Report

Stayed home Friday, because, well, I'd goofed off pretty much all week.

I spent the morning working on the books, catching up recording sales from the September events. Don't ask about purchases.

After lunch I ran Robin to Games Plus, then came home and worked on updating inventory to reflect all the new stuff we'd made (or had fairly far along).

Ron came home early afternoon, so he could hitch up the trailer and pull it out while there was still daylight. Then he helped with inventory, mostly in the way of providing moral support.

Got tools and other stuff together, and also got a pounding sinus headache, blech.

Xap came over in the evening, and tried out the new cot overnight.

Up at 4:30 am, on the road before 6, arrived before 8, when the site opened to merchants.

Setup was fairly flailing. For some reason we had issues deciding how to set up, but finally got it. We weren't as fast as normal, but not too bad. Part of the problem was that we have a *lot* of stuff, and added musical instruments back in - Ron decided we should try selling off the odds and ends we had left.

Sales were good. It seemed like we sold a lot more belts than pouches, and a large number of the sales were credit card. To demonstrate that impressions can be misleading, we sold something like 7 belts and 11 pouches, and about a third of the sales were credit card. But belt sales were definitely up from some of the events the last year.

It was a good day, definitely worth the trip.

Lunch was delicious. We all got meat pies. Yum yum. For dessert we got lemon bars, torte bars, and gooey caramel brownies - one of each, split each in thirds, which was still a reasonable helping of each.

Teardown was more flail. We'd all woken up about 2:30 am, and I was the only one to go back to sleep afterwards, which I think is most of the explanation. Also added was the derangement of the normal "pack everything in as tight as possible" by the presence of Thing 2. But we got it done, and out in a timely manner.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel, home, and to bed.

Sorted through bins that came in this morning, recorded sales, and then bought a CAD program for my iPad. Here's a drawing that I did on it of yesterday's layout:

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