Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Space Planning Natter

Heard back from Military History Fest. They could give me an end cap of three 8' tables in a U, which is about a 9' x 9' space.

Erg. Hmm.

First thought: I could probably better work with a straight run of three tables.

Next thought: Wait, what, three 8' tables (which I assume to be 30 inches, which equals 2-1/2 feet wide) in a U in a 9' by 9' space? My engineer brain ground off a couple gear teeth.

Recovered, decided that pondering exactly how that was to be achieved was not helpful.

Further thought: Could I get a fourth table, so that I'm back-to-back with myself, essentially?

customer aisle
table table
vendor chair space
table table
customer aisle

Turns out it is possible. So that's what we're going with, and now I'm working on 16' x 9' layouts. Which is proving a bit challenging, but better than anything tried with three-table spaces.

First thought was a walk-through booth-type setup, but its looking more like it will only be open on one side. But I've got a month and a half to figure it out, and even if I do come up with a plan we all like on paper, it may go out the door when the rubber hits the road. 


  1. So from a customer viewpoint it will be rather like two booths/tables? One on North aisle, one on South? Could be interesting.....

    You mention working with a 16x9 space; do they not expect/allow for space between tables, or did you mean display space vs floor space? Could make for fun neighbor interactions, depending :)

    3 8s in that space? Ugh! Don't blame you for passing. End exposure could be nifty, but you want to breath too....

    1. The 16' x 9' would be the total floor space we have to set up in.

      The two rows of equals signs below would represent two rows of tables. The space between is where the vendors sit. The distance between the top dash of an upper equal sign and the lower dash of a lower equals sign is presumed to be 9', since an end cap is 9'x9'. (Probably more like 10.5', unless Pheasant Run has Tardis-tables, but I digress...)


      I'm assuming an 8' banquet table is 30" wide (which is the width of our 6' tables). 2x30=60"=5'. 9-5=4' between tables for vendor chairs and working. Not enough space, IMO, but better than the RF we were at previously at the starship hotel that Cap also used.

      Anyhow, not sure how we're going to set up within the space. Ron was thinking what you suggested - two runs of tables/whatnot. That would work, but I forsee problems getting out to put belts on the hangers, etc. I'm thinking a walk-in type setup, kind of lake we had at Boar's Head, but without the 4' table/island. Call it a big shallow U open to the north. If we put the right stuff on the long closed side so you can shop from either within the booth or from the south aisle I think it would work.

      Or we get more gridwall and wrap gridwall along the whole south side. :)