Monday, July 2, 2012

Progressive Progress

Heard back about the SCA event. Some bad news - have to be packed up and out Saturday night (by, IIRC, 11 pm? Or was that when the room closes?), so I'll have to pack up and pack the trailer solo, since I expect Ron (and Robin) to be busy with concerts, etc. Saturday night at Windy. But I'll manage.

The people/company that are in charge of the gaming convention to be held at the College of DuPage in the fall still have not responded to my e-mail, or the voice mail message I left them on Friday. This is not encouraging.

Spent most of the day Saturday working on the MuseCon program book, getting the Programming descriptions into their final format and into place in the book. Spent about half of yesterday doing the first proofreading pass. The book isn't done, but I declared it ready for proofreading by others.

This week I need to proofread some more, do the grid, decide on and drop in filler art, and put the icons in for each Programming item, and create the cover.

The biggest job is the grid. I always face a question with programming grids - bring the Excel spreadsheet into InDesign and re-format that six ways to Sunday, or start from scratch. Putting the icons with the various class/workshop/panel descriptions is just lots of copy-pasting. Tedious, but simple.

For the covers I'm having issues with art for the front cover and back-cover ad for next year. Today I formulated and took steps toward a backup plan for the art for the 2013 ad. Considering options for the front cover. The inside covers are the hotel map, which is pretty much copied from previous years, and the Capricon ad, which I have.

I may take tonight off, since I figure I'll probably spend most of Wednesday working on the grid. No, not a fun and exciting way to spend Independence Day, but it's also a job I can do in the air-conditioning. May also go see Brave, on Wednesday or one of these evenings, since we didn't get out to see it this weekend.

So, that was the weekend.

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