Friday, July 27, 2012

More MuseCon Madness

Yes, MuseCon is eating my life at the moment, why do you ask?

Finished formatting the belt pouch directions last night, including conversion of the pictures to black and white and dropping in the B&W versions. The pouch directions ended up being 5 pages, which vaguely offends me, as it leaves the whole back of one sheet of paper free. This, I realize, is a somewhat silly thing to be hung up about.

Later today I need to proofread the pouch directions, then tonight export all the directions, etc. to PDF, upload to FedEx/Kinko's, and get them printed. Yes, there are cheaper printers out there, but FedEx will do.

Not sure if I'll start work on the update insert sheet tonight, or not.

At some point tonight or early tomorrow morning the ability to order the sewing tool kit gets turned off, and probably tomorrow morning I'll run over to the Leather Factory store and pick up any additional sewing kits I need, +1 to be safe. Unless they don't have any in stock, in which case I have a backup ordering plan.

Still need to put holes in pouch parts and install the studs. Maybe we can do that tonight, since it's shouldn't be too hot. And dye the few things I need to dye black.

Signage this weekend.

For a while this morning there were questions and flurrying around about how to prevent a class being cancelled. Upon further investigation the issue turned out to be technical, and the Blinkie Overlords have been invoked to intercede with recalcitrant electronics.

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