Sunday, July 29, 2012

Instructions & Signage

Spent much of yesterday running around doing MuseCon-related errands. Much much running around. I also finished the instruction sets last night, exported to PDFs, and uploaded to FedEx/Kinko's for printing.

With both Ron and I missing the fact that the belt pouch instructions were entitled "Basic Hand-Stitched Book Cover". D'oh! I decided I'm not getting them re-printed, but I have corrected the InDesign and PDF files.

This morning started out with the excitement of a skunked dog, as nattered about on G+. I'm not sure if the house is finally aired out, or if I've only become inured to the smell. Anyway, the skunk smell did not exactly make for a pleasant working environment. And I'm getting pretty tired of the fan noise.

Got most of the signage done - although there may be some changes once Programming gets me any last updates in the next day or two. But I don't expect anything major. Also still need to do signage for the private music sessions.

Besides doing signage today I made bread for Con Suite, quiche for us, and lamb roast on top of spuds and onions for dinner, and did dishes. Several times.

The bread was actually easy - we bought balls of frozen pizza dough at GFS yesterday. Thawed three in the 'fridge, and today I flattened it out, spread it with cheese, rolled it up, let it rise, and baked. Then we ate one of the loaves for lunch. Oops. We had to test it, yeah, that's our excuse! It was good.

The quiche was also fairly easy - I used frozen pie crusts (annoyingly sweet, but easy), and pre-scrambled eggs, also from GFS. And shredding three kinds of cheese for the bread and quiche (why three kinds? Using up stuff in the 'fridge, of course) is easy with a food processor. So now we have breakfast/lunch food for this week.

Ron and Robin took the EZ-Ups and road cases out of the trailer, and built (and loaded into the trailer) a pseudo-dance-floor for the flamenco class - instead of one thick sheet of plywood it's two thinner sheets strategically cut for ease of transport, ready to be screwed back together.

And to finish up this rambling babbling natter, here's a picture of Pippin, in an appropriate pose:
(yes, that's Elrond butt in the lower right corner)

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