Monday, February 6, 2012

Rest of the Weekend

Saturday evening we finished up making flyers for the Capricon Cafe. I never did look up the keystroke combination to get the accented E for "cafe", but I did grab it from the glyphs panel every time it was needed in the flyers. Ron figured out how to easily do clever warpy things in Illustrator, that are difficult to impossible to do in InDesign, then walked me through the process. 

Yesterday morning I did the books from Maidens (except, I now realize, adding the belts I made to inventory). Having the belts in the big green road case is nice: I was able to go check something easily. The drawers are all shallow enough nothing gets buried too deeply, and I know exactly which drawers to check.

More errands yesterday morning, but at least they were quick. One of them was to one of the office superstores, where I got paper to print "care and feeding" handouts on, and a gross each of small and medium binder clips (clamps for gluing, and pin-alternatives when making leather satchels and belt satchels). I figured I'd just buy not-quite-stupid amounts all at once, instead of a couple boxes here, a couple boxes there as they get lost/wander off.

In the afternoon  I went out to the dining room to work on things. I was going to work on the purses I'd cut out previously, but I decided to do little square-ish soft pouches instead:

A while back I set the body part of latches an inch too low on three red pouch fronts, so I cut out new (black) backs, with flaps an extra inch long. I got those partly along.

While cutting out the black long-flap pieces, I cut out some normal sized bits. I ended up with parts for a full pouch, and a spare front. Not sure what I'm doing with the spare front, I'll figure something out. I may have another piece of the same leather, which would be the simple (but boring) answer.

As a ripple effect from the issue with the red pouch fronts, I ended up with three black backs, cut out of the last of a piece of leather. Instead of trying to find similar leather to make the fronts from, I decided to make them with really obviously not-matching fronts. I'm going to make the fronts for those from the green I used on the harmonica pouch a while back, orange (yes, I have a piece of bright orange leather, don't ask), and dark purple (a couple/few years ago I ordered a piece of black leather, when I opened it up, it was purple! I decided to keep it.). All three pieces of colored leather are fairly lightweight, but I have some really really cheap clean-the-warehouse . . . stuff I can use as backing. I haven't cut those out yet.

In the end, I got one in black, and in brown that I'd cut out ages ago ready to lace together, and enough lacing done on each that I won't lose the belt loops. 

I still need to make more all-black little square-ish soft pouches. Boring. But they sell. OTOH, so do the purses. Aieee! decisions! 

However I end up prioritizing little soft pouches and the purses, when I get down to the lacing I'll probably end up alternating - black thing, not-black thing (or not all black). That helps me stay sane...

Looks like the leather sewing class at MuseCon is going to be Friday evening, starting at 9 pm. I wanted it early enough in the weekend that people could possibly work on projects outside of class, and be able to find Ron or I if they need help. 

Which reminds me, MuseCon class registration is slated to be up and running for the MuseCon party at Capricon, which is Saturday night. Yes, the grid is built, and it's pretty full. Hopefully, I can get a paper printout of the current grid to have at the party - it impresses people to put a copy of the schedule, even if it does still have a few holes, in their hands. 

Tonight I need to update the MuseCon party flyers with our room number, and possibly attack a grid brochure. 

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