Friday, February 17, 2012

Puttering Around Yesterday

Stayed home not-entirely-well yesterday, tired and with a sinus headache. Not exactly ill, but not happy and healthy, either. I could have put up with being tired or with the headache, but both together stole my give-a-damn.
Eventually I did start puttering around.

I got inventory updated with the pouches finished recently, but never got as far as going out to put them in the big yellow road case. Then I moved out to the workroom, rooted around, and updated a list of cut out pouches/parts that I'd found on the iPad. As part of updating that I made some decisions on what colors some pouches would be.

I didn't feel up to serious work on purses or the new steampunk-ish thing at first, so I cut some small soft pouch parts out of larger pieces of scrap. I did get as far as cutting out the largest piece of the new steampunk-ish thing, but then I stalled out.

I have a (mental) pile of things that need to be dyed black, including the piece I'd just cut out in the previous paragraph, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be messing with the black dye, which has a definite petrochemical pong, when I already had a headache. I also wasn't up to deciding if I wanted to dye in the basement or outside, or would it be better to dye another day this weekend, or . . . 

"Go upstairs and take a nice hot bath" was the ultimate decision. 

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