Monday, February 20, 2012

Cutting Dies AWOL

The dining room is neater than when I started out this morning, but the cutting dies I've been looking for are still AWOL. This includes the die needed to cut the holder for the dees that the shoulder strap of a purse attach to.  

Fortunately, I found 4 black dee holders, so the purses are not stalled, and the die needed to cut parts for the steampunkish thing was not among the missing.

At this point I think I can safely declare the dies "Not in the Dining Room" and turn the search over to the person(s) who cleaned up the basement. 

Looking for the dies must have been A Project, as I drew blood in the process (not serious). Also, I have a blister on my right ring finger as a result of working the purses.  That is all.

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