Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is that a wall up ahea . . . WHACK!

Monday night, instead of doing any of the things that I mentioned in Monday's blog post, we made sporran hangers and sporran adapters.

Oh, wait, we did get the 2-ounce bottles tagged.

Tuesday Ron sold two sporrans and a set of sporran hangers to a co-worker.

Tuesday night we went food shopping. I felt like I was shopping for a "Deadliest Catch" crab-fishing boat, but then Robin and I concluded I maybe had one day's worth of food for a crab boat. Maybe.  

Last night I did the second side on a stack of business card coasters (finishing them), then moved on to a third stack. Then I got Ron to change polymer plates and finished that third stack. IIRC a stack is 125 coasters, so that means I did 500 impressions. 

Vests and shirts arrived yesterday, they look good. The issue with the plain vests (Ron got a fancier one) was not having black in stock, so I got green instead, and they look good. 

This morning, in order to punish me for thinking that things were going pretty well, and teach me not to wonder what was going to happen to change that, the plumbing gods demanded a sacrifice, in the form of, well, unpleasant things going "blorp" out of something used to get rid of unpleasant things.

We suspected a blockage in the main line out to the septic tank. The plumber we called did not concur, and strongly suggested we call a septic company to pump the tank instead. So now I'm waiting for that. And Service Master, because the phone estimate for getting the tank pump was for much less than I was afraid it was going to be, so maybe I can afford to have somebody else clean up the ground-floor bathroom, and part of the basement.  And mop the kitchen floor, but I think the mud there was tracked in from outside by doggy paws and strong young men who were packing for ACen.

Because ACen prep continued with not too much interruption. Ron, Xap, Wash, Marmaduke, and Robin went to Rosemont to do setup, armed with the labelled layout that I finally did finish yesterday.  I stayed home to invoke plastic, since Ron's better at backing up the truck+trailer combination.  

Ron's on his way back with the trailer now, apparently Xap is worried she'll mess something up, but I'm not.  And the hall opens for setup at 8 AM, and we don't open to customers until 10, so if there are problems we'll have time to fix them.

Septic company called, driver is on the way, so time to wrap up here and put the dogs to bed (I don't need them helping, or worse yet getting out of the house and out the big gate that we'll have to open to get the pump truck to the septic tank). 

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  1. I seem to have missed (or forgotten) when you mentioned ordering shirts and vests.

    At least for curiosity's sake, I'd be interested in looking where you looked. (Tara may not let me buy anything until I get the weight back off - she told me not to look at Pendragon too closely at Wondercon)