Monday, May 12, 2014

Hill Crested, Picking Up Speed...

We're accelerating toward ACen at a fairly breakneck pace at this point - from a non-ACen point of view, today is Monday, tomorrow is Virtual Wednesday, the next day is Virtual Friday, then The madness that is ACen weekend begins.

Typing this with the on- screen keyboard on my iWhatsit for Reasons, so to summarize since I last posted:

Ron continues to be very happy with the label printer and the P-Touch software.  All the tags for older merchandise subject to the (scary) price increase have been printed.  New stuff is being entered into inventory and tagged as we finish it.

I keep finishing pouches, lacing-wise.  So much so I started marking and punching 4 purple soft-ish pouches I'd previously accepted would not be done for ACen.  They still may not be, and I'm still OK with that.  Although I am heartily sick of black lace.

Finished the leather satchels and related soft machine-sewn belt pouches (18 things). Finished 22 small drawstring bags, abandoned several more with minimal regret (leather was a bad choice).

In a marathon day of mass production yesterday, that actually started Saturday, We did all 12 of the 8-ounce cobalt blue plastic bottles, and 40 of the 42 2-ounce glass bottles: 18 cobalt blue, 11 amber, 11 clear.  The only reason for not doing all 42 was not having enough bottom cups molded.  If we really wanted ewe could have molded them last night and dyed/waxed/assembled Wednesday, but we decided it isn't necessary.  

For both size bottles, 1/3 have black leather parts, 1/3 have tan.  Which used rather a lot of leather, snaps, and rivets - per bottle that's one bottom cup, one top collar, three body straps, one belt loop strap, 2 snaps, and 6 rivets.  Making one is not much materials, 52, OTOH...

The living room is a mess, little (and some not-so-little) leather scraps everywhere. Thank goodness the Cleaning Fairies come tomorrow, which forces us to pick up/put stff away, and the cleaning they do.

Shirts, etc. are still supposed to get to us by Thursday evening at the latest, despite a capital-I Issue with the plainer vests. As of 3:30 the order status was "Ready to Ship".  The order is coming from Connecticut, so I'm not too worried. Or trying not to be.

Still need to finish the business card coasters. 

Tomorrow night is food shopping - going to get the ingredients for a big batch of chili and to GFS to get some frozen meals, which Robin will be in charge of.  That way we don't have to wait for delivery or try to remember to order on the way home, and we get not-quite real (ie: home-made) food.  And in the case of the chili, it will be real food - we'll probably do that Thursday, as it is the least predictable day, and a little more or less time in the crock pot is no big deal.

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