Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MuseCon Report

I survived MuseCon. I didn't kill anybody. Yes, that was an accomplishment.

I did get signage done. I got signage printed. Then I got some more things printed. And then some more things printed. The week or two before MuseCon I always end up making multiple trips to Kinko's. Fortunately, there's an office on a not-unreasonable route between home and work.  

One mistake I did make was making and printing errata sheets for the book on Tuesday. Silly person. Friday morning I was making new ones. Note to self, don't try that again - MuseCon has a printer/copier, make the sheets up, and bring the PDF for Registration to run off.

One thing I did right was to give Registration a thumb drive with PDFs of all the documents I thought they might want to print, so they wouldn't have to chase me down. I'm not sure if they used any besides the correction sheet and the one-sheet schedule grid, but they had access to them.

And I actually got leatherworking done! I started a pair of mittens Friday night, but realized that if I was going to be running leather sewing as an Open Build (drop-in workshop), I should probably be actually mucking about with leather so people could see that I was the person to talk to about it. I'd brought the percussion cap pouches I'd started back in, what, February? I finished the sewing on two and have a third at least tacked together (all had already had belt loops sewn on). 

We'd emptied out one of the Things and packed most of our stuff in it - kits and tools for leather sewing (2 sizes of key fobs, book covers, belt pouches), leatherwork for youth (mystery braid bracelets and pre-punched coin pouch kits), Ron's leather tooling class, which meant slabs of granite and *all* of his tooling tools, and paints, miniatures, etc. for Robin's painting wargaming miniatures Open Build. Plus some personal stuff. We still ended up with a suitcase and ukuleles not in the Thing, but it made getting in and out a lot easier. I think we'll be doing that again next year.

Not sure if I'm doing leather sewing again next year. If so, I'll definitely be dropping, re-designing, or doing some pre-assembly on the belt pouch, as doing the belt loop then the gusset makes it take too much time. I had two students who didn't get to finish. One is GT offspring, and had all the hole marking done on the gusset, so I sent him home with an awl, needles, and thread to finish on his own. The other had done some lacing, so he decided he'd take his pouch home and lace the gusset on. 

Next year I am going to do a costuming class - Japanese-style costuming. I'm calling it costuming so I can tell any authenticity fascists to stuff it. My plan at this point is to do a scheduled session on Friday talking about the various garments and basic layout and construction, and then do an Open Build for doll clothes version of the garb we wear (and get compliments on) to events. 

Looking at hiring a cleaning service at home, because the house is *still* a mess from ACen prep. and I'm sick and tired of it, but I'm not getting much done about it. Cleaning Fairies (as in magical beings that clean house when you're not looking) don't put crap away, but would help. And we actually got *raises* at the day job. No, the state is still broke, but the unions bludgeoned the state into giving us something for cost of living. Together with some other changes in what goes into and comes out of my paycheck, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hire Cleaning Fairies.  But not for my workroom, because I don't want to scare them to death, and much of the time I wouldn't them messing about in there anyway.

On that vein, my plan for this coming weekend is some housecleaning. Because even if we do hire Cleaning Fairies, e have to put our own carp away, and oh great Flying Spaghetti Monster, my workroom is a complete disaster, and unusable as is.  And I think I'm finally ready to get back to work. And maybe we can actually record sales/inventory from ACen, because no, we haven't done that yet, ad way too overdue. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that. 

Provided I don't just sleep all weekend. I'm not up to this staying-up-late-at-convention thing any more. Gronk, I am a dinosaur, gronk gronk. I was thinking about going home early and taking a nap, but at some point a repair person should, hopefully, be coming out to fix the front windshield on the Kia (stone chipped/cracked yesterday AM). 

Must remember to stop at the Container Store this afternoon and get two new smaller vaguely milk-crate-like bins to replace a large one currently in use in one of the Things - it's too easy to over-pack, and then the sides bow out, and the other bins don't stack on top of it nicely. Ron has declared that It Will Be Replaced, and since we're re-packing tonight, now's the time to do it.

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