Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Again?

Still haven't cleaned the work/dining room.  

Got the new bins for the Thing, but still have not re-packed the Thing.

Ordered a dozen more tails, which brought us up to two dozen needing swivels.  Saturday I sewed swivels onto a half-dozen, sent one home with Wash, and  yesterday I did another half-dozen. This is progress - I'm working on something!  And I think I'm getting faster at sewing swivels onto tails.

Thinking of ordering another batch of tails. The most recent batch were all pale, we could use some more darker ones.

Windycon publications work is ramping up. Saturday and/or Sunday I'll be creating a progress report, and then in a couple-three weeks is the first program book deadline.

In scheduling considerations, I've pretty much decided that we'll be doing Boar's Head in December, and not a brand-shiny-new anime con that's being held in Lisle. They're on consecutive weekends, so doing both would be too much. The convention recently had some identity issues that I'm concerned would hurt their projected attendance, and is pricey. Boar's Head, OTOH, is usually good, and we haven't done an SCA event in a while. So we'll stick with the known quantity. 

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