Monday, July 15, 2013

Pictures, Primarily Personal

Picasa Web Albums and WordPress no longer talk to each other, so I'm going to inflict pictures of recent knitting projects on this blog. Still nothing particularly business-ish to report, but at least I'm working on something again - for a while after the ACen prep binge I couldn't seem to work on anything.

Here's Elrond being opressed by a pair of cabled gloves I finished a little over a week ago:

I haven't blocked the gloves, which get pulled in by the cabling, so here's one on my hand (although the gloves are too small for me):

Here's a blurry shot of the palm side of the cuff.  These are the "Kingdom" gloves from
The cuffs are knit back and forth, including a hem facing. Then clever short rows turn the stitching 90 degrees to go around the hand. 

And here's Elrond being opressed by the Christmas stocking I finished before the gloves:

These pictures were taken one morning last week when it was nice and cool, so he's not looking oppressed because knitwear is too warm, just the overwhelming cruelty of being a model.

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